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manila’s emerging obesity:
ignore or address it?

MANILA’S EMERGING OBESITY: IGNORE OR ADDRESS IT? Erle Frayne Argonza Nutrition-related issues and problems in the Philippines constitute a long list. Among all the related issues and problems, hunger stands out as the most highlighted today. While there is no question about highlighting hunger and addressing it with determination, over-focusing on this single issue tends to mask the other issues involved. Among the emerging issues and problems in nutrition, I would handily pinpoint obesity as the most focal. Needless to say, it challenges development stakeholders to highlight the issue as well, and address it on the same level as hunger is being addressed today. Addressing it would mean resorting to public policy tools, strategies and programs at a national level, and creating necessary institutional frames to accelerate the problem’s solution. While doing the study on fair trade & food security for the KAISAMPALAD in 2005 (this NGO is a national... (more)

The Common Ills
Nouri and company want US military to help with the War Crimes
Nouri and company want US military to help with the War Crimes At Forbes, Doug Bandow argues the armed battles in Iraq are not the concern of the United States because the Islamic State (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is not a threat to the United States: So far ISIL’s fighters act more like an irregular military than a terrorist group. In fact, the organization offers social services and religious education, more characteristic of a traditional government. ISIL’s break with al-Qaeda reflected not only its brutality, but also the latter’s focus on the “far enemy,” that is, the U.S. In contrast, ISIL wanted to become something akin to a “real country,” which means it has less incentive to strike the U.S., since doing so would risk its geopolitical gains. In contrast, the Iraqi Ambassador to the US is calling for the US to do Nouri al-Maliki's fighting for him. Paul McLeary (Defense News) reports: H.E. Lukman... (more)

Dark of the Moon
I felt like my old self the other day, thanks to an hour and a half walk. It was fucking fantastic. I ended up getting a little lost and discovered my hood has an outdoor tennis court of all things. My feet were a little sore and I was a bit weak from having stayed up all night, but mentally I felt like Ali at Madison Square Garden. The next day I did another hour and a half. Beforehand I wrapped my feet in some neon pink duct tape to see if it would help with pain. I think it did. There's something about the early morning hours that I'm beginning to fall in love with. The stillness, the intimacy, those same esoteric stirrings that attracted me to the night. Between 3 AM and 7 AM is when I really seem to feel the most at home.

Slim and beauty
High metabolic and fast fat burning to become the "4
early new"

A variety of fitness video are favorites to clean up the incompetence, but always can't spare the time to finish any set of exercises? But have a look at around one's face glowing with health tall and graceful big beautiful women, when everyone is going to work, why they can adhere to exercise every day? Don't blame God too eccentric, maybe they just before your step, become the clever "4 early new", naturally can easily slim.To catch up the fast step of weight loss,you can try Meizitang,with it ,you will quickly own the beautiful figure and do not need to envy others. "4 early new " to open high fat model The so-called "4 early new", refers to healthy life style of the early sleep, early get up, early exercise, breakfast. The 4 points that it is simple, especially early to eat breakfast, seems to be the mother pour exhortations into sb.'s ear "old man" mode, but few modern youth can reach the standard. Want to lose weight you, if you really can become a new era of "4 new", you will... (more)

I want that sticker. ...yes tat CARE STICKER! I need 1...the1 got big tummy de suit me....please give me 1.... Well will tat sticker work at end of the day? Hard la....whoever will get the seat....typical type is watch or play game using smart phone. ..second type...sleep thur the journal. ..ok I admit I am the second type but I hardly got a chance to do so....who will bother to check u got paste tat sticker or no? Sometime.....the campaign dunno is wanna ppl to become more gracious or create topic for ppl to talk abt.... My news album concept....anyway it will be delay due to the lunar 7th mth.... At first, I wanna a family portrait to be taken with the background of race course at turf club....hahaha....but it is vy hard as turf club is no own by my ah gong!!! Anyway will still write in to request. ...den I will stripe my water dragon king naked. ...let him run around within the race course....I know it abit bold to have such concept.... hahaha...30 mth kids still... (more)

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